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February 4, 2014

Floodgate test will determine setup time, construction quality

— DANVILLE — The newly built flood control system at Mahoning Creek will be tested Feb. 17-18, weather permitting.

Contractor Susquehanna Supply Co. plans to begin the test at 7 p.m. Feb. 17 and continue through 4 a.m. Feb. 18, Borough Manager Shannon Berkey told Danville Borough Council members at their meeting Tuesday night.

She said letters will be sent out today to people who will be involved. Firefighters have already been notified. Borough employees will also participate.

If there is inclement weather, the exercise will be done Feb. 18-19.

Route 11 will be closed during the test. A detour notice will be posted a week in advance, she said. Route 54 will remain open.

The entire stop log closure structure will be assembled on both sides of the creek, said Dan Knorr, Danville administrator of governmental affairs.

From the test, they will determine how long it will take to put the structures together and they will also be able to check how the structures fit together and if they are sealed properly, he said.

The stop log closures are stored in two trailers on wheels at the borough’s street barn on West Mahoning Street.

The project, funded by grants, cost $1.48 million.

Borough officials have said in the past that if the structure would have been in place during the 2011 flood, the millions of dollars of damage to the Danville Middle School, Danville sewage treatment plant and businesses along Route 11 could have been averted.

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