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Montour County

February 6, 2014

Work and fun on snow day

— DANVILLE — Two sets of twins worked on building two snowmen and got in some snowball battles Wednesday.

Nine-year-old twins Molly and Maddy Earnest piled snow on the snowmen alongside their house at East Mahoning Street while their brothers, Matthew and Logan Sheatler, 3-year-old twins, pelted whoever they could with snowballs.

The older twins were home because Danville Area School District classes were canceled due to the snow.

The kids kept busy while their mother, Theresa Sheatler, was shoveling the sidewalk and clearing snow from around their SUV.

Meanwhile, people cleared sidewalks and reclaimed their vehicles from the snow.

Employees of Danville’s public works department shoveled borough sidewalks, including those in front of the municipal building. They also shoveled crosswalks on Mill Street.

They used blowers to remove snow from sidewalks along borough parks.

Public Works Director John Hack, who does his share of plowing, said they started working at about 2 a.m. “We have assistance from the waste water treatment plant with their equipment,” he said.

He estimated 15 or 16 people were working on the snow removal effort.

The only problems they encountered were when people threw snow onto streets. “There’s an ordinance against that and they can be arrested for it,” he said.

As for salt supplies, he said the borough appeared to be in good shape.

Public works is responsible for 17.25 miles of streets plus 4.84 miles of state roads in Danville or a total of 22.09 miles of roadways, he said.

Danville crews planned to push back the snow further in the afternoon. Hack said they would be working “until we get everything pushed back because it’s supposed to freeze.”

“We’ll be getting ready for Sunday’s storm,” he said.

Also closed because of the weather were Montour County offices and the Montour County Senior Center.

In Riverside, three street department employees were busy plowing and had been working since 2 a.m., according to Borough Secretary Deb Bausch. She said they just ordered more salt but current supplies were sufficient at this point.

In Mahoning Township, crews continued to be out all day clearing streets and roads, according to Township Supervisors’ Chairperson Christine DeLong.

She also said their salt supplies also were all right.

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