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Montour County

August 14, 2013

Youth take reigns at livestock competition

DANVILLE — Young animal raisers have been taking the reigns at the Montour-Delong Fair’s livestock competitions.

“About 98, 99 percent of the exhibitors in general are all 4H,” said Julie Cope, the fair’s livestock superintendent. The 4H organization includes competitors ages 8 to 18, divided across three age categories.

All the competitors in the Montour-Delong Fair’s livestock competition are from Montour, Northumberland and Columbia counties.

Courtney Shuman, 9, of Mainville, won reserve grand champion in the all-age division and grand champion in the 4H division with her dairy steer Swissy.

She’s been showing animals at the fair since she was 5, as has her 13-year old brother, Steven.

She has a good time showing her animals, though there are times when it’s hard to train them. “In dairy beef, it’s trying to get them used to the stick,” she said. The stick, a metal prod, is used to poke and guide the cattle where a trainer wants them to go.

Calley Travelpiece, 13, of Rhorsburg, also had a winner with her black steer, Leo.

Leo, who got loose and roamed around the edge of the fairground during Sunday’s livestock registration, ended up netting Calley second place in her age group for medium weight market steer and qualifying her for the Master Showman division.

The Szoke family, from Danville, was waiting to show their goats for competition the morning of Aug. 13. Siblings Halie, 18, Jared, 15, and Cassie, 12, each had two goats they were competing.

Cassie tries to make sure the goats she gets aren’t too big, because then they’ll be too aggressive. She’s been training her goats every day, teaching them to walk beside her without touching them getting them used to being near other goats.

“They’re getting better, they’ll be really good at the Bloomsburg Fair,” she said.

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