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December 30, 2013

New and familiar faces ready to be sworn in

By Karen Blackledge
The Danville News

— DANVILLE — It will be in with the new in some instances during swearing-in ceremonies of elected officials in Montour County.

The swearing-in is scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday in the courthouse courtroom with Columbia-Montour Counties President Judge Thomas James Jr. administering the oath of office to officials elected in the November general election.

Jesse Kline will be sworn in as the new Montour County treasurer. A Republican, he lives in Valley Township.

Also sworn in will be Republican Bernie Swank as Danville’s new mayor. She is a former mayor and a former county commissioner.

Three new Danville Borough Council members will also take the oath of office for four-year terms.

Others invited to be sworn in are:

Anthony Township

Dennis Sheatler, Republican serving a six-year term as supervisor; William S. Hartman, Democrat serving a four-year term as supervisor; Erica Lea Madden, tax collector;  LeRoy G. Black Jr., auditor; Molly D. Owens and Lydia Rishel, judges of election; and Phyllis Snyder, inspector of election.

Cooper Township

Democrat Wallace “Bud” Mottern, six-year term as supervisor; Republican Thomas R. Little Sr., four-year term as supervisor; Eleanor M. Sones, judge of election; Alice M. Wilson and Donna Mae Fry, inspectors of election.


Republican Lisa A. Strausser, four-year term as tax collector; Democrat John S. Rodman, 1st Ward councilman; Democrat Max VonBlohn, 2nd Ward councilman; Republican Thomas Wickham, 3rd Ward councilman; and Democrat Edward Azary, 4th Ward councilman. Rodman, Wickham and Azary are new council members.

Danville constables Paige Visneski, 1st Ward; and Jason Cichoskie, 2nd Ward; judges of election Mary Ann Davis, 1st Ward; Calvin Dean Martin, 2nd Ward; Donna McKenna, 3rd Ward; and Helen C. Lynn, 4th Ward; inspectors of election Eugene John Schneider and Barbara A. Bordner, 1st Ward, Amy Cichoskie, 2nd Ward, Charles Dimmick, 3rd Ward, and June L. Kratzer and Alfred L. Malkoski Jr.,  4th Ward.    

Derry Township

Democrat John L. Molter, six-year term as supervisor; Philp Harte, auditor; Carole Gavoni, judge of election; Phyllis M. Wissler and Rodger Bower, inspectors of election.

Liberty Township

Republican Paul S. Bogart, six-year term as supervisor; Holly Auten, tax collector; Jill Bogart, six-year  auditor’s term; Dolores James, two-year auditor’s term; Robin A. Worhach, judge of election; Martha Reedy and Jean Hummel, inspectors of election.

Limestone Township

Republican Walter C. Laidacker, six-year supervisor’s term; Republican Dennis E. Swartz, two-year supervisor’s term; Alice M. Laidacker, tax collector; Karen Buck, auditor; Randy Durlin, judge of election; Ruth A. Appleman, inspector of election.

Mahoning Township 1 and II

Republican David Barron, six-year supervisor’s term; Robert L. Casner, auditor; Bradford Bason, judge of election Mahoning I; John C. Shaibley, judge of election Mahoning II; Barbara A. Cooper and Donna M. Quiery, inspectors of election Mahoning I; Nancy M. Riley and Emma Jean Jordan, inspectors of election, Mahoning II.

Mayberry Township

Republican Robert Dressler Sr., six-year supervisor’s term; Patricia L. Fahringer, judge of election; Nancy B. Campbell and Suzanne E. Woodruff, inspectors of election.

Valley Township

Republican Gary L. Derr, six-year supervisor’s term; Scott E. Lynn, six-year auditor term; Roxie Shrawder, four-year auditor term; Joseph T. McGarvey, judge of election; Cynthia A. Weaver, inspector of election.


Council members serving four-year terms Democrats Robert E. Hickey and Michael J. Hickey and Republican Tyler J. Dombroski; Nancy Yeich, judge of election; and inspectors of election Shirley Reigle and Dorothy Jean Albertson.

West Hemlock Township

Democrat Richard F. Shultz, supervisor six-year term; Paul E. Sassaman, auditor; Dorothy L. Minnick, judge of election; and inspectors of election Regina Hannon and Penny F. Mausteller.

Any person elected who was unable to make it to the swearing in will be sworn in at the township level or by Prothonotary Sue Kauwell, according to county election officials.

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