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December 30, 2013

Christmas celebration: Santa's beard crisis averted

DANVILLE — What do you do when you can’t find Santa’s beard? Improvise. Montour County Senior Center Manager Robbie Kilmer was able to find a Christmas drape and make it resemble a beard for Elmer Sabo.

The occasion was the Christmas party in the center, which was believed to be the first in a long time held at the facility.

Portraying Mrs. Claus was Carol Mohr.  Fred Smedley dressed as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Kilmer’s daughters, Taylor and Ashley Kilmer, appeared as elves handing out candy canes.

Invited to the event Monday were Montour County transit drivers, employees of Danville’s street department and Aging Office officials.

Diane Krisanda, of Geisinger Bloom Hospital, taught the seniors a craft — how to make reindeer from clothespins. She visits once a month to teach crafts and presents programs on stress management and self-awareness.

Seniors discussed memorable Christmases.

Danville resident Mary Woll said hers was “my first Christmas when I had a child. That will always stand out in my mind especially when the children were old enough to see what it is,” she said, referring to presents.

Bess Krist, of Danville, recalled her children getting her up between 5 and 6 a.m. Christmas morning “saying Santa was here and I had to get up and go down. I used to always enjoy that.”

Alice Metzger, of Mahoning Township, liked decorating when her children were small. “We always had Santa Claus and a lot of gifts for them,” she said.

Danville resident Georgine Hurnyak enjoyed Christmas “when my mom and dad were still living and they would come to spend Christmas with us when the children opened their packages.”

Manny Martinez, of Danville, said his best Christmases were spent with his father, mother and his children.

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