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March 27, 2014

Love of film drove Conroy to create media company

MAHONING TWP. — Joseph Patrick Conroy has been fascinated by films since he was about 6.

“One of the first movies I saw in the theater was Return of the Jedi,” he said, followed by Ghostbusters and Romancing the Stone.

He watched more and more, including foreign films. “I love them all,” said Conroy, of the Danville area, who plans to make a feature film and has shot short films.

Conroy, who recently moved back to the Danville area from New York City, started making films with friends after college.

He’s been influenced by directors Martin Scorsese and Paul Thomas Anderson. His favorite comedy directors include Blake Edwards, who was a force behind Conroy’s comedy web series, and Woody Allen.

Conroy’s series, titled “CaucAsian,” was chosen as one of the top three web series of 2013 at The Urban Media Makers Film Fest in Atlanta, Ga., in October. “It’s nice to get some validation in comedy writing — in my specialty,” Conroy said.

His web series has drawn interest from startup content provider Roku. If that deal for digital distribution goes through, he would receive revenue from the venture and share it with the lead actress in the web series. “It makes me feel good if even a year later someone found it,” he said.

Conroy has started amerikana media, a company that does video production. He also works on editorial content and layouts for restaurant menus and other projects.

Starting a media company is what he’s always wanted to do and is what he did nights and weekends while working in publishing in New York City. “Everything happens for a reason. It’s now or never,” said Conroy who still travels to New York City for projects.

“I am trying to build a name. I want to get to a higher level in film making,” said Conroy who has shot videos for well-known hip hop acts in New York City.

His media company is an anagram of the first and second names of his daughter, Kana Maria. His wife, Mariko, is from Japan.

He recently produced two videos for local business Trot Fitness. The longer one is more of a documentary featuring interviews of clients discussing their experiences and the fitness owners. They can be seen on the Trot website and on Facebook.

Conroy’s media company on Facebook is

He is willing to work with any business to build something creative online, not just words on a web page.

“I want to do something fun to represent the business owner’s vision for the business and what the business wants the public to know about the business,” he said.

Conroy recently created a video for a 60th birthday where not all family members could be present for the party. He added videos of family members wishing their dad best wishes combined with photos and music.

“Anything you can think of media-related, I can do,” he said. “People will have that video to watch 10 to 20 years down the road,” said Conroy who works with a large computer and a laptop.

The web series shows his daughter, now 2, when she was younger. “At the time, she was a little over a year and I wanted to do something with her baby stuff and had the idea to create satire about a white couple, by a freak of nature, delivering an Asian baby and the whole family adopting the Asian culture,” said Conroy, who makes light in the web series of stereotypes of Asian cultures. He shot the series while living in Queens.

He created six episodes of 3 to 5 minutes each for the first season and is contemplating writing a second season. “I have gotten nothing but positive responses,” he said.

The web series is available at or on his website,

Conroy is working on another short film he plans to start shooting in May about a 1970s detective, mixing together The Pink Panther, The Naked Gun and Shaft.

He hopes to use money raised from that film toward a feature film that could be 90 minutes to two hours long. “I have several ideas in the works,” said Conroy, a 1995 Danville Area High School graduate with a degree in English literature from Bloomsburg University.

He worked for a time as a reporter/photographer in Milton before moving to New York City in December 2006. He worked on a web series in 2009 that didn’t go too far but got the attention of HBO.

He pursued filmmaking at night and weekends while writing, editing and proofreading for a monthly periodical and a playbill classic arts theater program, which included Lincoln Center, City Center and other venues.

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