The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 18, 2014

Snow days could force Danville High seniors to return after graduation

By Robert Stoneback
The Daily Item

— DANVILLE – Snow days and make-up days have been depleted for Danville, meaning that any further cancelations may result in days being added beyond the regularly scheduled school year.

“We burned through those a long time ago,” said school board president Allan Schappert. “If necessary, the seniors may need to come in after graduation to make up any remaining days … I’m hoping that will not happen, that we’re done with snow days.”

On Monday, the district was discussing what it could do if Tuesday’s snow resulted in a cancelation. Their only option would have been to make the day up on the Monday after Easter. Tuesday’s weather resulted in only a two-hour delay instead.

One holiday the school cannot use to recoup lost time is Memorial Day, as the state has mandated it be a day off from school.

Currently, high school graduation remains unaffected by the weather. Schappert is well aware, though, of what pushing back that day could mean for families, many of whom likely have celebrations planned for their children.

“It’s just a nightmare to try and reschedule for family who have relatives coming in from different parts of the country and probably have airline tickets purchased,” he said.

There’s also the question as to how much learning would actually be done on those extra days, after the students have already had their graduation ceremony, Schappert said.

By state law, Danville is required to have 180 days of classes. There was recently some question as to whether half-days caused by poor weather counted towards this amount. The district originally thought they did, Schappert said, but they are now awaiting clarification from the state on the matter.