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July 22, 2013

Keep appliances in shape indoors to beat heat outside

DANVILLE — Beating the heat involves more than staying out of the sun. Having the proper appliances and tools at home can mean a big difference in staying comfortable and healthy during the summer.

“Obviously air conditioners will give you the best result for cooling,” said Becky Brown, manager of Danville’s Cole’s Hardware store.

A common mistake made by people when buying air conditioners is to buy a smaller, cheaper unit, said Brown. However, the purchaser may be unaware of the conditioner’s energy capacity. If a person buys a unit too small for their room or house, they run the risk of overworking the unit and having it not function correctly.

Filters should also be changed regularly, said Brown. Some units will have a light that will show when a filter needs to be replaced, but even if it doesn’t it is good to change a filter every few weeks is good for a new conditioner.

“Keeping the filter clean definitely improves the efficiency of the unit,” said Brown.

Dehumidifiers can also bring down indoor humidity levels while fans can help cool people by keeping the air moving.

Even something as simple as closing blinds in the middle of the day can help reduce the heat in a house, said Brown.

Another tool is insulation. “Having a home well insulated will help keep the cool air in and reduce heating costs in the winter,” said Brown.

Cole’s sells weather stripping and insulation materials that can be used to cover any seams or leaks around doors and windows where cool air might escape during the summer or seep into during the winter.


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