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September 17, 2013

St. Cyril kindergartners test water speed, uncover critters in Sechler's Run

DANVILLE — The allure of mud and a stream came with some wet pants and shorts.

Luckily, the St. Cyril kindergarten students had extra clothes.

Five-year-old Andrew Li was able to pour water out of his Sponge Bob boots. Following Friday’s science experiment, he took off his boots and walked in his wet socks.

Others sloshed around in their boots.

Andrew and 17 other students in the class of Betsy Finn took to Sechler’s Run on St. Cyril Academy property to learn about the stream.

Teaching this first-time program was Hannah Davis, a senior environmental science major at Bloomsburg University.

Tramping around in boots and water shoes, the students eagerly volunteered for whatever help Davis needed.

First up were Sydney Clarke, Hunter Gurski and Lexi Harmon. They held a screen to capture creatures floating by.

Before that, only those three students were allowed in the water.

Then it was everyone into the stream to move the water around, pick up rocks and brush them off to find wildlife.

After that, “Everybody back to the island,” Finn said as the kids got back onto land.

One of their finds was a little fish that Davis said had to be returned very quickly to water.

They did find dragonfly larvae and a crayfish. Davis said the larvae was a good catch because “water quality has to be pretty good for dragonflies.”

Davis also showed them how velocity of the stream can be calculated by measuring 10 feet and having the kids drop ping pong balls upstream and timing how fast they travel that distance.

Volunteering to help with the 10-foot measurement were Thea Sommer and James Toms.

It was a special day for another reason — the class had earlier celebrated the birthday of Matthew Bellino.


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