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Montour County

October 1, 2013

Local leaders "disappointed" by federal shutdown

DANVILLE — While the federal government shut down has not interrupted Montour County operations, local officials still had strong words for leaders in Washington.

“I think I speak for our local commissioner when I say we’re disappointed our representatives and president can’t work together,” said Montour County commissioner Trevor Finn.

The commissioners in the past have been able to work through differences of opinion and compromise, and they expect the federal government to be able to do the same, Finn said.

“Of course, (the shutdown) is not good for our economy” he added.

County services are not expected to be interrupted unless the shutdown continues for some time, Finn said. Federal money does go into replacing and repairing bridges, which are among projects currently undertaken by the county.

If it’s a long-term problem, we will be negatively affected but as for right now Montour County is just going about our business as usual,” Finn said.

Meanwhile, services in Danville borough will continue as normal as they operate primarily on locally collected funds, said Dan Knorr, administrator for Danville. A government shutdown would mainly affect the federal grant process, though the borough is not in the middle of receiving any grant money he said.

Borough services are similarly unaffected in Riverside, according to borough council president Peter Fleming. “If this were to go on for any length of time, there could be some repercussions,” he said, though he could not foresee any short-term effects.

Some borough residents are employed by federal prisons in the area and the shutdown has affected their jobs, he said.

“I’ve heard they’re still working just not getting paid,” he said. Fleming expected they would be getting back pay when they returned to work.


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