The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

August 19, 2013

Riverside mayor requests change to bridge traffic lanes

By Robert Stoneback
The Danville News

RIVERSIDE — Mayor Dale Erb wants more clearly marked traffic lanes on part of the Danville-Riverside bridge in order to prevent potential traffic accidents.

The bridge is currently being resurfaced, and during this time Erb would like one section near the end of the Danville side to be more clearly marked as an area where vehicles are not permitted.

For cars driving towards Danville, there is a section of road that splits into a straight lane and a right-hand turn lane near the bridge’s intersection with Front Street. Right before the road splits into the turn lane is a “breakdown zone,” said the mayor, which is marked off by a solid white line. Vehicles are not permitted in this “breakdown zone” but frequently drive through it anyway. This causes confusion with cars that wait until the lane splits to begin moving into the turn lane. The result is often that vehicles waiting to make the right-hand turn will find cars directly behind them and at their left corner.

“I can just see a road rage incident over that,” said Erb.

To the best of his knowledge, no serious accidents have occurred at the site, Erb said.

Erb wanted to see diagonal lines drawn through the “breakdown zone” to more clearly mark it as an area where vehicles should not be present. The council requested Erb write to PennDOT to see if they could do so.


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