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April 14, 2014

Crews prepare Danville streets for summer

DANVILLE — The public works department does everything from cleaning out flood pumps to filling potholes to placing flags for Memorial Day and a lot in between, accordinag to Superintendent John Hack.

Speaking during a recent Danville Borough Council meeting, he said, “Keeping on top of potholes is a never-ending job.”

His crew will be cleaning up Memorial Park and placing mulch around trees in preparation for the annual Memorial Day ceremony there. They also will place American flags throughout town.

They have resumed sweeping of streets in the borough.

The crew plans to repaint pavement markings on streets, inspect sidewalks, place signs along streets for street sweeping, pick up bottles, sticks and other debris before mowing starts, repair damage to lawns from plowing over the winter, trim overhanging trees, inspect traffic signal supports, clean out lenses in traffic signal lights, place speed bumps along Mowery and Foust streets to keep Little League traffic at a slower pace and do maintenance at the senior center.

His crew also plans to do maintenance work on an emergency generator, finish repainting the walls in Danville’s ballroom, exercise pumping stations on Sechler’s Run and test them and clean out debris in the Sechler’s Run channel.

“We keep an eye on encroachments to the levee system,” he said of controlling vegetation growth on the flood system’s levees.

They also clean debris from flood gates at the water plant and along West Front Street.

In addition, they will wax the trailers that hold the flood control closures to be installed during high water along Mahoning Creek at Route 11.

Public works also assists the water department with maintenance work at the water plant and if any water leaks occur. The public works crew flushes hydrants every spring and fall.

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