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September 17, 2013

Co-op opportunities abound at Danville High School



Gabby spends four days a week at the clinic, usually working there for two hours during the morning.

Her duties include working at the reception desk, caring for animals in the back of the clinic and observing surgeries. “I’m kind of doing a little of everything,” she said.

“I’ve learned its not just about animals. You have to communicate with the owners, too.” They have to communicate what treatment the animal needs and she in turn needs to tell them what they can expect from those procedures, she said.

Even though she’s only been at Alpine for a few weeks, Gabby plans to continue her veterinary work based on what she’s seen.

“I do really enjoy it here. It’s made me realize I can do this and I would like to continue,” she said.

Phil Amarante, 17, has found similar success in his job placement at the Weis Research Center located on Geisinger’s Danville campus. At the center, he is assisting with an experiment meant to track how heart defects affect the development of embryos. He is in the lab every weekday from at least 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., though some days he stays longer.

His lab duties involve recording and keeping track of DNA samples of mice that have different mutations based on the center’s heart research.

Phil wants to major in biomedical engineering at Bucknell University once he graduates from Danville. His goal is to work with patients who need prosthetics or new organs.

“This is my jump into the career,” he said. “Every day I’m getting closer and closer to the career I want. It’s a pretty exciting opportunity for me.”

Since joining the team at the Weis center, Amarante has realized just how complex his chosen field is. However, that has only made him more excited to start his career. “The main thing I do here is learn,” said Amarante. “I’m very blessed to have this opportunity.”



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