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March 17, 2014

Montour County inspector will miss election board, ‘three amigos’

By Karen Blackledge
The Danville News

— DANVILLE — A Mahoning Township woman will miss the election board she served with as well as the Montour County commissioners she fondly refers to as “the three amigos.”

Donna Quiery resigned from her position as inspector of elections in the Mahoning I precinct because she and her husband, Dr. Albert Quiery, are moving to Ann Arbor, Mich., where he has accepted a position.

The county commissioners last week accepted her resignation with regret.

“We will be losing two great citizens of the county,” said Commissioner Jack Gerst.

“Dr. Quiery has taken care of many people in my family,” Gerst said. “This is a double-barrel effect,” he said of the couple leaving the county after 22 years.

Mrs. Quierty wrote she always said she would have to die or move to give up her inspector of election position. “Much to my surprise, our house sold in under two weeks’ time. I honestly thought we would be here until the end of the academic school year,” she wrote in resigning her position effective immediately.

“I can’t express how much fun I have had through the years being a part of this democratic process. Oh the people I have met and the stories I could tell,” she wrote.

She will not only miss county election officials but will miss commissioners Jerry Ward, Gerst and Trevor Finn who “certainly work well together, and best of all, can laugh together. I know I will never meet a town crier like Mike Dennehy. Only in Danville could the election results be called out with such flair and finesse,” she wrote of Dennehy, as county solicitor, reading election results. He usually rings a cow bell to signal a new return has come in.

“I have had the honor and pleasure to work with the best election board in Mahoning I. It doesn’t get any better than Bradford Bason, Barb Cooper, Barbie Barron, Nancy Hodge and now Kathi Nagel. What a team. We might have always been the last precinct in, but we worked hard to get it right. I will be donating my red Team Mahoning election polo to whoever replaces me,” she wrote.

Finn commended election board members, who only receive a stipend, for the long days they put in. “They do a tremendous service to our county,” he said.

The commissioners also praised Jerry Buckley, county inspector of weights and measures, who was recently featured in Inside Pennsylvania magazine.

He was recognized as the inspector with the longest years of service — 38 years — in Pennsylvania.

“He makes sure people get what they pay for whether it’s ham or gas,” Finn said. Buckley also works as a weights and measures inspector for Sullivan County.

“He protects the shop owners to make sure their scales aren’t off,” Gerst said.

Businesses pay for his services.

“He has a passion for the job. He’s good for the local guy here,” Gerst said of Buckley protecting citizens.

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