The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 28, 2013

Danville defendant asks to go to jail

By Karen Blackledge
The Danville News

DANVILLE — DANVILLE – It’s not often someone begs to go to jail.

But Danville police reported a man called them three times to report he was intoxicated and was asking police to take him to prison because he was drunk, cold and wanted somewhere to sleep, according to the citation issued to Jamie M. Giffin, 34, of 58 Fisher Court.

Police cited him for possessing an open alcoholic beverage in a public area. They said the incident occurred Feb. 24 at Foley’s Curt.

According to the citation, Giffin reportedly became upset when police told he wasn’t going to jail.

The citation was filed in the office of Montour County District Judge Marvin Shrawder.

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