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Montour County

June 6, 2014

Still much work to do in hail damage zone

DANVILLE — Marietta Morris returned home from a shopping trip to find glass from her skylights on the floors of her home and a new gazebo shredded.

Marietta and her husband, Richard, who live at 3 Laurel Lane, were out of town May 22 when a freak hail storm pummeled the area, denting their home and damaging other property in the area.

Marietta and her husband, who was in Wilkes-Barre during the storm, don’t have an estimate on damages yet but assessors stopped Wednesday to begin the process.

“I don’t even know when they can get to the roof,” she said.

The Morrises added a sun room to their house in December, and made additional renovations on it in the spring.

“We just put this floor in over Easter,” she said.

The house’s skylights, several of which are over the sun room, dropped several pounds of glass into the room when the hail shattered them. Garbage bags filled with the glass shards were so heavy she couldn’t lift them.

The gazebo was another recent addition, having been purchased in the fall.

“It’s like doing things all over again,” Morris said. “We’ll get there. At least nobody was hurt.”

Residents in the neighborhoods that suffered the most from the storm are in various stages of damage assessment and repair.

Across the street from the Morrises, Linda and Dave Boucher, of 2 Laurel Lane, had hail stones leave several dents along the side of their house and damage both of their vehicles. Insurance has valued the structural damage at $13,000, the damage to Dave Boucher’s truck at $8,000 and the damage to Linda Boucher’s car at $18,600.

“It was like a sheet of white, you couldn’t see your neighbor’s house,” said Linda Boucher, who was home during the storm.

“Nationwide (Insurance) has been wonderful,” she added, saying she called them as soon as the damage was done.

Dave Boucher’s truck is still drivable, having mostly suffered cosmetic damage. He already has a day scheduled for repairs. Linda Boucher is borrowing a car from her mother after hers became wrecked. She said she hopes to have a new car herself within a week.

The Bouchers are still waiting for an opening for a repair man to fix their siding. “I just want it fixed before the bees start burrowing,” Linda Boucher said.

Dawn Gee, of 306 Abbey Road, was home with her three-year old son, Andrew, during the storm.

“It felt like the house was being pummeled by bricks or big rocks,” she said. Andrew wasn’t bothered at all, though. “He was on my iPad,” she said.

Her husband, Nathan, had his car parked at Geisinger Medical Center during the storm. It was damaged, but it is still drivable, she said.

“We have the number of an auto body shop, but everyone’s a little backed up,” she said.

Their mailbox was ruined and the north-facing side of their house took a heavy beating.

“We have to replace the whole room” due to dented shingles, Gee added.

The Gees are still working on a total of the damages.

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