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January 10, 2014

2013 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet | Playoffs Week 2: Players to target and players to avoid

With an American dollar, most citizens can either go down to the overpriced vending machine in the break room and buy a 12-ounce Coke, or then can give up their parking spot and drive a couple blocks to purchase a 2-liter of some store brand drink or some other option in between.

What you do with your dollar will determine your experience.

When choosing a quarterback in the world of daily fantasy sports, you face a similar dilemma.

Peyton Manning, with his high floor and high ceiling, comes with an ultra-high price. He’s that $1 can of Coke.

Philip Rivers, who gets to throw in garbage time against Manning’s Broncos, is the store brand 2-liter. You can’t be sure of the quality until game day – three interceptions are possible – but in the end, you know soda is soda, so those 300 yards and 2 TDs, at a fraction of Manning’s cost, might be worth it. And if you luck out and that ends up being the best generic soda ever made, you’re cashing this week, brothers.

It all comes down to what sort of lineup your building. Do you need safety or upside? If you’re rostering a 50/50 team you want safety. If you’re playing in a 10,000-player tournament, you need a lot of upside at pretty much every position.

Both Manning and Rivers have value in each format, but in most of my lineups I’m going for someone other than Manning. If he’s not the highest-scoring player this week he’ll be a bad investment.

Odds are he’ll hit that mark, but after what we saw from Alex Smith last week, I’d rather roll dice on a less expensive option.

Of course, we’re using loaded dice in fantasy football because we’re scouring stats and compiling rankings to make educated guesses.

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