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January 10, 2014

2013 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet | Playoffs Week 2: Players to target and players to avoid


Antonio Gates – If you’re looking for a safer minimum option, and one that will be played in a lot more lineups, Gates seems like an easy choice. However, after scoring two 100-yard games and two TDs in the first four weeks of 2013, Gates’ game log shows a steady decline in production. He scored a touchdown in the season finale against Kansas City, but that seems like a distant memory after his one catch for five yards in the Wild Card win over the Bengals.


Matt Prater is the most expensive kicker, but he’s probably the best option this week. Looking at the Vegas lines, every team but Seattle should score a field goal. Based on my highly scientific research over the last few weeks though, that probably means Steven Hauschka is the kicker to own this week. Alright, enough rambling. Pick Prater if you want to spend, Nick Novak if you’re on a budget.


Just like in the Tate blurb above, I look at that Seahawks score and wonder where all of the TDs could go. Maybe a defensive or return touchdown is in the cards. That said, at a $500 discount, I’d probably still start the Panthers as a high end option. I’d also consider the 49ers at $6,200. I’m not liking any of the low-priced options this week. The Patriots, at $5,500, are as low as I’ll go and they still feel like a decent value at that price.

Vegas’ point predictions

Alright guys, before I go, I’m going to toss out the Vegas scores so you guys can make your own interpretations. I’m as fallible as the next weatherman/fantasy prognosticator, but trying to figure out who will be the best is half the fun:

Denver, 32 points

New England, 30 points

Seattle, 28 points

Indianapolis, 23 points

San Diego, 22.5 points

San Francisco, 22.25 points

New Orleans, 20 points.


Good luck in all your leagues this week.

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