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January 30, 2014

PRESS START: 5 reasons to give Blizzard’s Hearthstone beta a shot


4. Hearthstone is a card game with punch

One of the most boring parts about card games is that cards have cool designs and affects, but in the end they are pieces of cardboard and/or plastic with a coating of ink. In digital form, Blizzard has crafted cards you want to own – the designs and animations of the gold cards and legendaries will encourage more than a few people to buy packs with real money. The in-game animations and sounds are also incredibly fun (Remember "Taz'dingo," friends). From character spells to just placing certain characters on the board, it’s obvious a developer with Blizzard’s pedigree is behind the design. My favorite part: When a character strikes another character there’s a comic book-like smash sound and starburst flash. When a character strikes for a significant amount of damage, the animations are ratcheted up and the board rattles. Oh, and the in-game tunes are enjoyable too.

5. Hearthstone will explode once it goes live

It seems everything Blizzard creates is golden. They created the most popular game of all time in WoW and the most popular real-time strategy franchise of all-time in StarCraft. Once it goes live, Hearthstone will be one of those games everyone is talking about. There will be eSports tournaments and, likely, endless expansion packs. Get in some time now. Blizzard’s other franchises helped create a number of job descriptions that had never been considered before, including pro gamers, game-streamers, gamecasters. They also created the national sport of a country – StarCraft, in Korea.

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