The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

April 4, 2014

Guess Who! Week 14!

— This chief also doesn’t go in the water. At least not in 1975, while vacationing in Maryland, and after watching “Jaws” for the first time at a boardwalk theater. “We rented a house with some friends,” he says, “and the water came splashing up on the deck. We wouldn’t go on the deck. My wife said, ‘I’m not going anywhere near that ocean anymore.’ I wouldn’t go anywhere near the water.” That leaves the woods, where he’d much rather be up a tree, in a stand, during deer or turkey hunting season. “You wake up in the morning, with birds and bees. It’s the most beautiful moment in a man’s life. I get in there when it’s dark, sit in the tree stand, and the sun starts coming up and the woods come alive.” Better to climb trees in Derry Township than sort them. “I worked at a lumber company when I was going to school,” the Danville Area High graduate said of his summer before entering Williamsport Area Community College. “That was grueling for a young man. Contractors came in and told me to get a load of this, and I had to go to the lumber yard. There was every type of lumber known to man in that lumber yard, and I didn’t know anything about it.” Hardwood also gave him some trouble. “My worst sport in high school was basketball,” he says. “I was too aggressive. Too many fouls. When I was in gym, our three guys would go against their five guys. There wasn’t enough contact. We got in more fights than we played basketball.” His bucket list starts off with driving around the entire United States, a trip, he says, that could last longer than six weeks. “We’ve gone to about a dozen states,” he says. “I just want to experience that with my wife. If we like somewhere that we went to, we could go back and visit it again. The Northwest. Montana. Wyoming. Oregon. Washington. The Dakotas. I don’t want to go to the beach.” Nah, that would have him singing “Show Me the Way to Go Home.” Guess Who! in the Discussion Box above!