The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

April 25, 2014

Guess Who! Week 17!

— Only once did this Ohio-born Lewisburg pastor not turn her eyes toward the heavens. That would have been almost three years ago, when she took a flying leap from an airplane — the first one aboard to plant her foot into the thin air 10,000 feet above Centre County. “It was the most exhilarating thing I have ever done,” she says of that first skydiving outing. “In the top five of my life experiences.” In the bottom five would have been that year as an 18-year-old maid in Seymour, Ind., earning $3.75 an hour ironing and cooking and cleaning to offset expenses at Indiana Bible College. The family would crumple its freshly washed laundry into a ball and pile it on a chair. “Stacks of stuff for me to iron,” she says. “I don’t like ironing now. I will if I have to.” She herself crumpled into a ball after being struck with a line drive as a softball pitcher at Indiana Bible College. “I got a concussion,” she says. When she’s not standing in front of a canvas, with acrylic and oil paints on her palette; when she’s not peppering the leather bag with her pink boxing gloves; when she’s not firing off round after round with a 9 mm at target practice; or thinking about the five continents she’s visited or reminiscing about those days as an FCC-licensed radio announcer as a high school student in Mansfield, Ohio; you will find her in that Northumberland County church, where she preaches and advocates for racial reconciliation. And officiates at weddings. Just like on the day of her first skydive, when a couple stood before her ready to take only a slightly different plunge than she did hours earlier. “Here is my life motto,” she says. “Whether I live or die, I belong to God, so I don’t live in fear. I am not afraid to die. It takes a lot of that edge off me. I could die today, so I am going to enjoy this.” Guess Who! in the Discussion Box above!