The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

March 7, 2014

Guess Who! Week 9 ID'd!

— Give her $1 million, and this British-born community advocate would race off to buy a Camaro. A Bumblebee Camaro. “Like on ‘Transformers,’” she says. “Yellow with a black stripe.” The idea came from any of her three sons. “They would not be allowed near my car,” she says. “It would have all black leather, the latest of everything. Extra chrome. Rally Sport wheels. Satellite radio. GPS.” That might help her find her way home from her favorite spot on Earth, Montana. “It’s just perfect. It’s got the biggest sky. It’s beautiful. I was there for two days, and I never wanted to come home. I cried when I had to leave.” Listening her favorite album, Creed’s “Human Clay,” wouldn’t calm her. When she fought with a school board, “I’d be getting ready to go to meetings, getting ready to speak, and I would listen to ‘What If.’ It was my anthem. It geared me up for facing the crowd.” And what if she had to choose her last meal? “It would have cherry pie in it,” she says. “For dessert. Crab cake sandwiches from Victoria House and Vic’s Pub in Lewisburg. With homemade rolls and homemade potato chips and remoulade sauce.” Speaking of pubs, she was born on an air force base in Lakenheath, Suffolk County, England. “I was a dual citizen until I was 18,” she said. “I could have been a British subject. But I chose to be an American.” Guess Who! It's New Berlin Borough Council President Juli Finkbiner!