The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

February 7, 2014

Guess Who! Week 6!

— He’s seen the Stones, and always carries one in his pocket. Not a Mick or a Keith, but a dime-sized chunk of sandstone from Loyalsock Creek near World’s End State Park in Sullivan County. “It has no value, but that stone has been with me 20 years,” this Montour County resident says. “I thought I lost it a few times. When things get hard, it takes me back to Loyalsock Creek, where I feel the cold water and I can smell it.” Nowadays he escapes to his mountain cabin in Loganton, where he would listen to Jimi Hendrix’s feedback and distortion over and over, except the getaway has no electricity. Banjos need no plug, but he’s no good at all that plucking. “I like how they sound,” he says. “Banjo is very difficult. I can strum, get going a little bit, but it’s only a little.” You’d think this Stones and Hendrix fan would want to relive the Sixties, but he’d choose the American West from 1800 to 1850 any day — along with playing that five-stringed instrument. “It was mountain men, trapping and trading. I would have been out there trapping and hunting and fishing. I’m still trying to relive that.” He made a big splash in the Navy for five years, but not so big a splash as a Danville High defensive end. “Run of the mill,” he says. Guess Who! in the discussion box to the right.