The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

March 7, 2014

Guess Who! Week 10!

— He’s been a welder. A life guard. A trailer salvager ... a state certified laboratory director ... a certified development officer ... a water safety instructor. But he’d always rather be along the ocean. “I just love the peace and serenity,” he says. No. 1 on his bucket list? “Sleep overnight in a lighthouse.” No. 2? “Return to Hawaii.” Step into his work place, and you will find evidence of his oceanic obsession: “Lighthouses,” he says of the elements of his decor. “Candles that smell like the beach. Buoys. Starfish.” Collecting doesn’t stop inside his Milton office. At home in Sunbury, this Shikellamy High graduate says the one thing of no value that he will never trash is his stash of wooden nickels. Has more than 100. “Since I was a teenager, I’ve been keeping wooden nickels. I thought they were unique.” Gets them at flea markets, stuffs them into slots inside a three-ring binder. Also saves golf balls, and has more than 200. “But I do not golf,” he says, adding that he is not a big sports fan. “I’m the kid who sat in the outfield and picked dandelions.” Rather than watching games to unwind, he tunes in to “Survivor.” Every week. Every season. “It’s my ultimate favorite,” he says. “Last week was the first time I missed only part of an episode, but only the first hour.” No surprise here: He also collects “Survivor buffs,” which is an all-in-one bandana. “Not too many,” he says. “I stopped buying them when they wanted 30 bucks apiece.” Guess Who! in the discussion box to the right!