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April 23, 2014

The Vets Die-agnosis

- — A lady took her pet white duck into the vets surgery. After examining the duck he pronounces, "Your duck is dead."        

      The woman asked, "is there any more test you can do to make sure it is definitely dead?"        

      The vet brought in his pet black Labrador who sniffed the carcass put its paw on the ducks chest and walk out of the surgery uninterested. The vet came in with his ginger tomcat that also sniffed the corpse, put its paw on the ducks chest, meowed, then jumped down from the examination table bored.        

      The vet went over to his computer pressed a few keys and handed her his bill.        

      She looked at it and asked him with a look on her face that would turn milk sour, "Your charges are a bit steep aren't they?"

He retorted, "If you'd accepted my first die-agonises my fee would have only been $20.00, but with a lab-report and a cat-scan it came to $120.00"

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Laughing Matters