The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

December 13, 2012

Bucknell University students recreate a picture

The Daily Item

— LEWISBURG — Bucknell students Dulcinea Muñoz, Abbey Brundage, and Kate Doughty recreated a picture from the Bucknell 1985 L’Agenda yearbook of five Cadets marching on the Academic quad. The story behind the paintings is absolutely fascinating. The paintings depicted alumni from the Bison Battalion who had gone on to lead successful Army careers.

The painting depicts (now Colonel) Stephen Maranian ’88, (now Colonel) Andrea Stahl ’88, (Retired Lieutenant Colonel) Mark Jones, and (Retired Lieutenant Colonel) Lloyd “Chad” Jones ’89. The Cadet carrying the sabre in the front has yet to be identified.  

Colonel Maranian, current class president of the US Army War College, was one of those Cadets marching in the quad. After seeing the painting, he quite simply said it was “wild” and that he plans on coming up to Bucknell to take a picture with himself.

Colonel Maranian almost missed that chance to take a picture with the painting entirely. On a Friday night, two of the figures were stolen from the Quad. This caused a campus wide buzz of disappointment that someone would take the paintings. Students expressed their grief on social media outlets such as Facebook, demanding that the paintings be returned. Soon afterwards, the paintings were returned back to their original locations to the delight of Bucknellians.

“It was a nice homage to people in uniform, and we should be proud to have it here”, said Katie Doughty, one of the artists who created the painting.

The images have especially resonated with Cadets at the Bison Battalion.

Cadet Towery, an MSIV (Senior Cadet) at Bucknell University was deeply moved by the paintings. “Aesthetically, the paintings look very heroic to me. The faces appear anonymous and make the figures look like they are carrying the burden of sacrifice Soldiers take as they walk point for our nation’s defense. I try to imagine myself marching across the quad with them, and it validates my decision to come here to Bucknell through the Army ROTC program.”

Colonel Stephen Maranian from the Class of 1988 is now serving as the class president at the US Army War College in Carlisle, and plans on returning to Germany this summer. Colonel Andrea Stahl from the Class of 1988 is now serving at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. Mark Jones from the Class of 1987 retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel and is now serving with the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Llyod “Chad” Jones from the class of 1989 retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel and is now serving with FEMA Region V, in Chicago.