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January 18, 2013

Scott Dudinskie's girls basketball column: A whole different year for Line Mountain

I couldn't find a number for the guy who said, "A picture is worth a thousands words."


I was going to patch him through to my editor and have him explain the concept.

Now I'm back to square one -- on the hook for a picture's worth of column inches -- and the photo I'm looking at is still extremely relevant.

So do me a favor: Go grab a copy of Tuesday's Daily Item sports section. I'll wait.

OK. Take a look at the big, color photo on the front page, the one of the Line Mountain and Danville girls vying for a rebound.

Pretty much your standard game-action shot, I know.

Now look near the middle of the photo, on the far left side. The man standing in front of Line Mountain's bench (light shirt, gray slacks) is Eagles coach Mike Reed. You'll notice he's facing the girls who are seated rather than the ones who are, um, "vying."

Bingo! A square-inch portion of a photo and it pretty much tells the story of an entire season.

A year ago, Reed had the best seat in the house for the season's best story. His Eagles, led by senior 1,000-point scorers Kasey Long and Mikhail Whitcomb, had an perfect regular season.

Most Valley teams focus on getting 11 wins, the bare minimum to qualify for the district playoffs with a .500 record. Line Mountain doubled that number without a loss last year and, again, Reed was front-and-center, able to soak up the best regular season of his dozen in charge.

This year, Reed has spent much of the Eagles' game time turned away from the court, his back to the action, seizing the teaching moments that present themselves in a season chock full of them.

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