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March 20, 2013

Midd-West Moment: Talking turkeys

With the beautiful weather yesterday and again today, it is hard not to think about spring yard work here in central Snyder County.

But for me, it is impossible to get any yard work done in the spring.

I blame the turkeys.

Our house is surrounded by woods and placed on the side of a small mountain. There is always plenty to clean up and do after the winter, but every time I dust off the rake or oil up the push mower, it happens.

A gobbler gobbles.

The wild turkeys around our place are relentless. And I am powerless when I hear their clucks, chirps and squalks. On cue, I sneak into the house and grab the box call and small crow call – when I can find them.

And every time, I try to call those turkeys in. I make every turkey-like noise in the book. And each time, they respond with silence. It just isn’t fair.

In fact, one time, I had some just about 50 yards away in our wood edge and figured it would be an easy call to get them to come closer. So I went to work with my box call, and the turkeys turned tail and ran away quickly in the opposite direction. I guess I just can't speak the language. Maybe schools around here should replace some of the Spanish or French classes with a few turkey or duck calling lessons. I'm sure that would go over well.

So each spring I stand there, box call in one hand, grass growing quicker by the minute. And I shake my head -- knowing that by spring gobbler season, the turkeys will all somehow disappear.

Do you have any cool experiences with turkeys or other wildlife in our area during the spring? I'd love to hear about them.

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