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April 11, 2013

Oops, another Snyder County sign falls short

SELINSGROVE — A sharp-eyed visitor to the Snyder County Children and Youth offices recently noticed a mistake that has been overlooked for years.

Ironically, the word “children” is misspelled “childern”.

Snyder County Board Chairman Joe Kantz said he hadn’t noticed the error, but wasn’t taking any responsibility since the sign was erected before he took office.

“I don’t normally pay attention to the sign, but I know it happens,” Kantz said.

He knows because not long ago he commissioned a sign for newly elected District Judge John H. Reed’s Selinsgrove office and installed it without noticing the word “Monday” was misspelled as “Moday.”

Commissioner Peggy Chamberlain Roup took the initiative and fixed the error.

Kantz, who shrugged off the latest sign kerfuffle as “insignificant” and a non-news story, suggested The Daily Item advise Roup about the sign mistake outside the agency she oversees.

Roup said she’s happy to act on it.

“I corrected District Judge Reed’s sign, so I’ll correct this one if need be,” she said.


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