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February 22, 2013

Midd-West Moment: Making a big 'whoop' about IGA's sweet treat

Editor's note: The Midd-West Moment is a regular blog-like diary entry about things to see, do, expect or remember in the Midd-West region of our Valley. Comments are welcome.

It's a crisp, cold Friday morning in late February and while I should be focused on getting projects done around the house before I head to work later today, I have a problem.

It is round, brown and filled with sweet, sticky goodness. My distraction is my breakfast ... not exactly a healthy way to start the day, but a homemade whoopie pie from IGA Market in Middleburg sure does hit the spot before tackling the day's itinerary.

Our Valley is home to many tasty treats, but none can hold a rolling pin to the perfect whoopie pie. And while many local places offer their own rendition of the baked treat, IGA is hard to beat.

They have the traditional chocolate whoopie pie with creamy white cream filling. They have variations with chocolate chips, peanut butter icing and a slew of cake flavors -- from blueberry and pumpkin to the more unique french toast option.

Are the IGA whoopie pies the best in the area? The tastiest? The best value?

Everyone has their favorite, and I'd love to hear about them in the comments section. For now, I'll sneak in an IGA whoopie pie whenever I get the chance.

And while I know it isn't exactly going to help the cholesterol level or calorie intake, for at least a few moments, I'll savor each bite of sweetness and be thankful I can find this treasure in my own backyard.

Who do you think has the best whoopie pie? What is your favorite local indulgence?

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