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July 19, 2013

Career Coach: Enthusiasm is contagious

Recently, I had an instructor in an exercise class who was so enthusiastic that it really made me have a fantastic experience. Yet, the next time I went to the class, someone else taught it and it seemed to drag on forever. This same thing happens at work. When you are with enthusiastic people or you are enthusiastic, it can really affect your entire experience. Not only that, but it can also impact your career success and advancement.

For example, many employers have told me that when they evaluate job applicants, they not only look at their skills and experiences, but they also look for those who demonstrate enthusiasm. As they have said, candidates who demonstrate positive attitudes have an advantage over those who display negative or lackluster attitudes. Employers worry that negative applicants will not get along with others at work, will treat customers poorly and may not put much effort into their work. On the other hand, employees who are seen as enthusiastic are seen as providing good customer service, resolving interpersonal conflict effectively and working more productively with others. According to several sources, the enthusiasm you display on a job interview can make the difference between getting the job or not.

So, how can you show enthusiasm at work?

— Make sure it comes across as sincere. Sometimes just smiling makes a big difference to people around you. It puts them in a better mood. Your nonverbal cues can reflect a lot about your enthusiasm. Sit up straight, make eye contact and use upbeat tones when communicating to others.

— Using positive communication in your e-mails and other correspondence with your boss, colleagues and customers is important. After drafting an email, reread it to make sure it has a positive focus.

— Proactively approach customers and colleagues to offer assistance or seek out tasks and projects. Show initiative — that you are willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

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