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October 18, 2013

Career Coach: Ways to get to know the new boss

"The speed of the boss is the speed of the team." -- Lee Iacocca

It's been said that the average American will have 10 or more new bosses over the course of his or her career. That's quite a few adjustments that employees will have to make. Building a productive relationship with your new boss is critical and should be a top priority for you. Here are some tips that can help you adapt to your new boss.

Maybe your job is the same but a new boss was brought in. Whether he or she is great or not, having a new leader still requires some type of adjustment. Do they work at warp speed when you were used to working at a more normal or slower pace? Do they involve you in decisions when you were never involved before? Do they list high expectations for you when you never had goals given to you before?

Even if the new boss is someone you've known for a while, the move still changes things. You may have some anxiety and excitement about working with this person in this new role. It is natural that you may be making comparisons between the new boss and your previous boss to best figure out how you should respond and act. It's also tricky if the new boss was previously a peer or colleague and now he or she is your boss. You will have to figure out how to best manage those personal and work relationships. You will also have to understand that now there will be confidential information your boss cannot share with you.

Regardless of what type of boss you now have, there are new opportunities for you. In general, here are some tips for working for a new boss.

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