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April 25, 2014

Career Coach Q&A: Good workplace manners

Q: I was walking down the hall and though I noticed someone wearing their sweater on inside out. Is it OK to approach strangers at work and point out possible mistakes? Years ago, I was at a job fair and someone pointed out I had tags on the suit that should be removed. I thought it was a very helpful comment since I was trying to make a good impression.

A: Sure. I think if done in a nice way, they would appreciate it. I know I would!

Giving notice

Q: I have been in my job a couple years and know that leaving is going to leave my office in the lurch, at least temporarily. How much notice should I give?

A: Ideally, most people give at least two weeks notice, but if you can give more notice (a month or so), it would be really appreciated by the firm. It really depends on the relationships you have with them — would they view this in a positive way and be appreciative or would they be really upset with you?

Mind your manners

Q: How do you tactfully tell someone or a group of people that what they are doing is rude and disrespectful? Or just downright gross, such as cutting their nails at work, slurping soup at their desk, etc.? The list goes on and on!

A; This is tough and it comes up a lot at work. If it happens often, you could privately just ask them if they could refrain from doing it near you. I know it is awkward to do this, but if you never say anything, they will never change. Another thought_is there someone close to them that you could ask to bring it up? That can be a good strategy as well. Others have left notes or cartoons for people with these annoying behaviors, but usually those things do not really seem to work. The person often thinks they are for others, not them.

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