Bucknell University

A 2013 file photo of Rooke Chapel at Bucknell University. 

LEWISBURG — Bucknell's Class of 2017 broke a university record for highest mean starting salary, with last year's graduates reporting an average of $56,993 — an increase of more than $2,000 from the 2016 average of $54,625, according to the university's annual Postgraduate Report of Activity.

The survey, administered by Bucknell's Career Development Center roughly nine months after graduation, had a 99 percent response rate, in keeping with previous years. Data on employment status, employers and salaries was collected from 859 out of 867 individuals.

Ninety-six percent of 2017 graduates reported that they were either employed, in graduate school, preparing for graduate school or volunteering. Of those, 74 percent were employed, 14 percent were enrolled in graduate or professional school and 3 percent were both employed and enrolled in graduate school.

Average salaries for graduates in specific fields were: $52,354 for graduates of the College of Arts & Sciences; $71,752 for dual-degree graduates of the Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Engineering; $68,296 for graduates of the College of Engineering; $58,569 for graduates of the School of Management, now the Kenneth W. Freeman College of Management.