What are some of the fundamental goals of any local government? To provide stability, safety, and, when possible, recreation to its citizenry. The Buffalo Valley Recreational Authority (BVRA) is partially funded by an intergovernmental agreement that was created to meet these goals.

Through funding community-enriching projects such as the ice rink, rail trail, and pool, BVRA strives to do just that.

Recently, this authority came under fire from the supervisors of East Buffalo Township (EBT) when they withdrew from the previously negotiated funding agreement with Lewisburg without explanation. They have since neglected to answer Lewisburg Borough’s inquires about what they want changed in the agreement. Although EBT supervisors claim that they still support BVRA, their actions are endangering any further negotiations and destabilize both the relationship between EBT and the Borough as well as BVRA itself.

This move from the supervisors, coupled with the the lack of communication from EBT, has brought nothing but unnecessary confusion to the community and BVRA. Many families rely on the lower admission costs of BVRA’s facilities to take their kids to the pool, or to the ice rink, or to any number of local facilities that the BVRA funds. The uncooperative actions of the EBT supervisors stand to lower the quality of life and property values for all citizens in the area.

As young members of the community we expect our local leaders to act like adults and work together to find an equitable way to fund BVRA and provide a necessary service to the area.

It seems like the EBT supervisors want to have their cake and eat it too. The simple truth is this; if the EBT wants to continue to benefit from BVRA programs, they must be cooperative and reliable in their funding of those programs.


Jacob Feuerstein, Max Gustafson, Ethan Huron, and Taylor Lightman

Active Millennials for Progress

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