“The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

According to a congressional investigation, and its recently released memo, former leaders of our Department of Justice and FBI used our nation’s spy powers to surveil a presidential political campaign. These spy powers, reserved for non-citizen hostile foreign agents without constitutional rights, were illegally used on constitutionally protected U.S. citizens. The FBI obtained warrants for this spying by using a false report, or dossier, fabricated by political party opponents of a presidential candidate. The FBI concealed this partisan fact from the warrant issuing court, and paid a partisan former British intelligence officer, with connections to Russian agents, to compile this false report. This means our premier national law enforcement agency was likely corrupted, hijacked, and weaponized by a national political party, colluding with foreigners, in an attempt to rig a national election.

This violates, at a minimum, our Constitution’s 4th Amendment. If true, it was also effectively a coup, and was attempted by “leaders” in the DOJ and FBI during a crossroads presidential election where true freedom was at stake. This would mean some of our own intelligence agencies pose a greater threat to our freedoms than the Russian KGB, now called the FSB. This possible abuse of power should concern all in the DOJ, and all law enforcement, because it weakens our national moral authority. This level of dishonesty places all Americans in danger. It also increases the danger to our military and law enforcement officers, particularly those in combat, policing the streets, or staffing our prisons.

What should we now do? Do we disband the FBI, strip these federal agencies of their intelligence gathering powers? These powers, when used properly, protect us. Do we see how this misuse endangers us all? This abuse almost resulted in the establishment of a police state. Historically, once a coup like this is committed, it incentivizes those who have undemocratically seized control of a government to “blacken” federal agencies in order to maintain power, and avoid eventual prosecution. This appears to be exactly what was happening. This can lead to state brutality. Those involved, if proven, should be tried for treason.

The only organizational leaders apparently more dishonest than the former DOJ and FBI leadership, are those in the deep state national media — largely controlled by a globalist leftist oligarchy. These elitist outlets, centered mainly in New York City and Washington, D.C., have become propagandists. They intentionally fail to pursue truth. They lie to our faces directly, or by omission, thereby knowingly facilitating this corruption that jeopardizes our national security.

Why would these government and media leaders do this? Perhaps they all suffer from the same perpetually adolescent disease? No, not merely debased status seeking, insolence, or greed, but stupidity. The basic noble precept of, “greater power requires greater integrity and humility,” eludes them. The good news is, our constitutional republic is working, the wheels of justice are grinding, the light of truth still shines.

May there be mercy on their souls, but, should these allegations be true, may the public and our justice system, including the virtuous in the DOJ and FBI, show them absolutely no mercy.

Malcom Collins Farrow lives in Paxinos.

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