The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 6, 2014

New treasurer starts work today in Montour County

By Karen Blackledge
The Daily Item

— DANVILLE — Jesse Kline is looking forward to serving people as Montour County’s new treasurer.

“I want to learn all the processes and all the responsibilities the position requires. I am looking forward to working with my deputy,” he said of deputy treasurer Norma Bird.

Kline was administered the oath of office Thursday by Columbia-Montour Counties President Judge Thomas James Jr. For the ceremony, Kline used the Bible of his mother, Margaret Kline, who died in a vehicle accident in 1972.

Kline’s first official day of work of his four-year term is today.

“I’m excited about it,” said Kline, who resigned Dec. 5 as account manager of Curbside Hospitality — Geisinger Medical Center’s valet program. When he ran for office, he pledged to be a full-time treasurer and said, if elected, he would leave his job at Geisinger.

One change he plans soon is rearranging his office to better serve customers.

The treasurer’s office handles county accounts as well as selling dog, fishing and hunting licenses, non-motorized boat launch permits and pistol permits for hunting and fishing.

Later on Kline will look into the possibility of online transactions for customers. “If we can shift funds or do whatever we can online — it’s going to be a process,” he said.

For now, instead of having to visit the courthouse, county residents can download a dog license application from the county website at, complete it and mail it to the treasurer’s office.

There is a part-time position vacant in his office because the previous employee accepted a job closer to her home. “We will look at what our needs are,” Kline said. He expects to fill the post.

A Montoursville native, Kline was educated as a respiratory therapist and later became a medical sales representative. He was promoted to managerial positions for Bird Products Corp. Pryon Technologies, Trianim Health Services and Nonin Medical Systems.

The Valley Township resident has lived in Montour County for 16 years.