The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

April 23, 2013

Selinsgrove Elementary Razzle Dazzle Jamboree

The Daily Item

— SELINSGROVE — The faculty and staff at Selinsgrove Elementary employ a school-wide positive behavior program called SEALS for Success. The acronym stands for: S-Show Respect, E-Exercise Safety, A-Act Responsibly, L-Listen to Learn. Teachers and staff (even bus drivers) can reward individual students or whole class behaviors by giving them a “Seal Cent”. Individual students can redeem the “Seal Cent” for a certificate, a sticker, and a chance to win additional prizes.

When a classroom earns 10 class SEAL for Success cents, the principal, Mr. Heintzelman, congratulates them during the morning announcements. In addition, the “razzle dazzle” is moved one space on the hundreds chart in the lobby of the school. When the “razzle dazzle” reaches the 100 mark, meaning 100 classes throughout the entire school earned 10 “Seal Cents”, all students at each grade level are rewarded at a school-wide Jamboree.

The students earned the Razzle Dazzle Jamboree in March. During the Jamboree, students were rewarded with activities and music in the gymnasium, such as The Chicken Dance, hula hoop, challenge, Hokey Pokey and organized dances.  Students, teachers and the principal celebrated this accomplishment together with lots of giggles and high-fives.