The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

August 26, 2013

Union County Democratic Committee hosts state party chairman

The Daily Item

— LEWISBURG — On Aug. 24, the UCDC played host to Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair Jim Burn. About 70 Democrats from across North Central Pennsylvania attended a spirited event in Lewisburg. A surprise early speaker was the Democratic candidate for Superior Court, Judge Jack McVay, who spoke briefly and answered several questions about his background and strategy.

Chairman Burn spoke passionately to the need to deny Governor Corbett reelection, because of the damage his policies have done to our schools, our health care system, and the environment. Corbett is really a poster-boy for the Tea Party movement that now dominates the Republican party, intimidating moderates and blocking political compromise. Corbett’s Voter ID law, now under constitutional challenge, was pushed through with lies and distortions, and is a transparent effort to disenfranchise voters. He expressed confidence that a strong candidate for Governor will emerge from next year’s primary campaign.

During a long question period, Burn presided over a spirited exchange among those present on the fracking issue, with some emphasizing the need to guard against environmental damage, while others acknowledged the environmental issues and also called for the state to be more supportive of property owners in the affected areas, rather than simply supporting the drillers, as Corbett has done.