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August 27, 2013

Local Farm Bureau hosts city legislator from Philadelphia

MIDDLEBURG — The Snyder County Farm Bureau hosted Representative James Roebuck Jr. and his wife to spend a day on Snyder County farms. Representative Roebuck’s home district is Center Philadelphia. The Snyder County Farm Bureau has adopted him as an “Adopted City Legislator”. The county Farm Bureau tries to keep them informed about matters related to agriculture. During his visit he got to see farms such as dairy, poultry, grain, hog, meat processing and a Christmas tree farm. He was shown some of the latest technologies in both conventional and organic farming.

Accompanying Representative Roebuck was Robert Heimbach, County Farm Bureau president and Clair Esbenshade from the county legislative committee.

Representative Roebuck, his wife, and some of the host farmers, enjoyed a luncheon of locally grown products.

Representative Fred Keller joined the group at noon to accompany the Roebucks. In addition to showing the farms, conversation was made about conservation practices, nutrient management and other issues to help keep the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay clean. In addition, some discussions were made about better bridges and transportation because of the new modern farm equipment and larger trucks involved in agriculture.


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