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Snyder County

October 9, 2013

Local Business Keeps Traffic Moving

— SELINSGROVE — Governed by Title 35 of the Pennsylvania Code pertaining to health and safety, fire police are special units of fire companies across the state with the authority of traffic regulation and crowd control to assist emergency personnel. These individuals are among the first to arrive on the scene of an emergency and the last to leave. Often they are overlooked and unappreciated, but not in the Borough of Selinsgrove.

In September of 2011, Selinsgrove Mayor Sean Christine declared a State of Emergency in the Borough during Tropical Storm Lee when the Susquehanna River was on its way to cresting at over 31 feet, resulting in the worst flood in almost 40 years and virtually putting the Isle of Que under water. In preparation for the flood, Mayor Christine ordered the evacuation of the Isle of Que and brought fire police from all over Snyder County to secure the Pine Street Bridge and maintain a 24 hour presence for flood victims. “Based on past history”, Christine said, “residents were concerned about looting on the island and the ability of emergency service personnel to get people to safety if they were stuck in flood waters. The fire police did a great job keeping people out of harm’s way and relaying information to residents in a professional manner.”

There are many fire police units in Snyder County serving under the command of local volunteer fire companies, but DH&L Fire Company has the only such unit with a dedicated vehicle. Known as “Traffic 8-1”, the DH&L fire police van is loaded with equipment to help motorists navigate around the scene of an accident, allowing the fire police to work independently of other emergency crews on scene. Christine said, “we’re fortunate to live in a community so committed to public safety. The borough council stepped up with a grant to purchase a vehicle, and Mark Monahan of Paul Stine Chevrolet asked how he could help.” Monahan, who sold the vehicle to DH&L at a significant discount, simply stated, “I’m happy to help the community out for such a good cause.” Through the efforts of Borough leaders and a community-minded business owner, Selinsgrove residents have an added measure of safety in an emergency.

For more information about the fire police or how you can serve, contact DH&L Fire Police Captain Carson Leitzel at (570) 847-7884.


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