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April 17, 2014

Snook suspension now a mystery

Board changes reason for action

MIDDLEBURG — Acting Midd-West Superintendent Daphne Snook is confused about what the school board is alleging she did that led to her suspension without pay, saying she hasn’t received anything in writing. “Nothing I have been told by the board in any way makes me believe that I violated district policy or the law,” Snook said by email Wednesday.  

“Although to date I have received nothing in writing, I have shared all the information provided to me with multiple legal counsel and none has expressed any concern that I violated the law,” she said. “We need to let this run through the investigation so that my good name can be cleared quickly.”

This comes after the Midd-West school board broke its silence Wednesday about the suspension of Snook, which the board said was not the result of her “briefly monitoring board emails.”

In a statement released Wednesday morning, the board members said “they wanted to address the numerous rumors and the wealth of misinformation being circulated about Snook’s suspension.”

In the statement, the board said: “Recently, the board was provided with information which led to the suspension of Ms. Snook. Ms. Snook has been advised by the board of the specific reason why she was suspended. While the reason for the suspension cannot be disclosed publicly at this point in time, the board does want to make it clear to the public that Ms. Snook’s suspension was not in any way related to curriculum decisions she made nor was the result of her briefly monitoring board email correspondence within the purview of the Midd-West School District’s policy on acceptable Internet use.”

The school board statement said Snook would be afforded all of the rights and protections she is entitled to under law during the investigation.

“Contrary to assertions and rumors there is no ‘hit list’ of employees of the Midd-West School District,” the statement said. “In addition to the internal investigation, there is also a criminal investigation being conducted by the police which the board will not interfere with just to satisfy the public’s request for immediate release of information on this matter. We ask the public to be patient until the investigations are complete on this matter.”

Snook responded to The Daily Item by email and said: “We have good people with honorable intentions trying to make a difference in the lives of our children. Let’s not waste any more precious time. Let’s get on with doing the most important work we have to do so more people don’t get hurt. Our children cannot get this year of their education or educational experience back. We have to stop this so we can come together and truly work together.”

“The Midd-West School District is a fabulous district that deserves attention for the great things we have done,” she added. “Not for this.”

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