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Snyder County

May 15, 2014

Officials await resignation from judge of elections

MIDDLEBURG — A Snyder County judge of elections who was voted into office last fall but never showed up for mandatory training to work at the polls and now says he’s moving out of the community appears to be dragging his feet about sending a written resignation to the Board of Elections office.

Director of Elections Patricia Nace said she tried numerous times to get Christopher Schaffer, of Shamokin Dam, to come in for training necessary for operating the polling location and overseeing two inspectors and two clerks.

Schaffer was elected to the four-year position in November and would have overseen his first primary election Tuesday.

Nace said he did finally get in touch with her this week only to notify her that he would be moving out of Shamokin Dam and would not be able to fulfill his duties as judge of elections.

Fine, Nace said, but please send a written letter of resignation. Without a formal letter, she said, the position cannot be filled even on a temporary basis.

County solicitor Robert Cravitz mailed Schaffer a letter on Wednesday asking him to sign and date the form and return it in the self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Cravitz was waiting for a response Thursday.

Nace hopes that the solicitor’s actions will prompt Schaffer to officially resign his seat and give her an opportunity to fully staff the Shamokin Dam polling site.

She received a call from a borough resident who offered to work the polls next week. Nace said he will receive training today, along with 21 other new poll workers, and will remain on standby. He would only be allowed to work Tuesday if Schaffer’s letter of resignation is received.

“This is crazy,” said Nace, who has served as elections director for 12 years. “Normally, people will just ask what they have to do and then do it.”

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