The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

Snyder County

March 27, 2014

Four of six fallow deer shot to death in pen

— MIDDLEBURG — Randall Kuhns says someone has put a deadly target on the fallow deer he raises on his property.

On Tuesday, Kuhns said he went to the outdoor pen near his Hackenburg Road home in Centre Township, Snyder County, to check on his six deer and immediately noticed very little of the hay he’d left for them two days earlier had been touched.

Inside the fenced property he found four animals, including a breeding buck named Pete and a pregnant doe, shot to death.

“I’m getting the blues over it,” Kuhns said, placing his loss at about $1,500.

It’s not the first time he’s lost a deer under tragic circumstances since he began the hobby seven years ago.

During hunting season three years ago, he said, someone broke the lock on the gate and four deer escaped and were later shot by hunters who claimed they thought they were shooting white-tailed deer.

Kuhns said he reported both incidents to police and believes the lock-cutter and recent shooter of his penned deer are the same person who perhaps is carrying a grudge.

Meanwhile, Kuhns is unsure whether he’ll continue to raise fallow deer, a hobby he began to keep him busy in retirement.

“I’ve never had a chance to see them grow up. They always got shot first,” he said. “Unless I get some restitution, I can’t afford to keep doing it.”

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