The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

July 18, 2013

EconomicsPennsylvania receives anonymous $100K grant

Benefactor requests gift is matched in 2-for-1 ratio

SELINSGROVE — Volunteer leaders of EconomicsPennsylvania have announced the receipt of a $100,000 anonymous challenge grant provided by a benefactor whose motivation in making the contribution is to "help insure the continuation and availability of vital classroom learning initiatives so that young people understand how to make reasonable and sound decisions based on prudent judgment and rational thinking" said Rick Herring, president of Giant Food Stores and a member of the EconomicsPennsylvania State Board of Directors.

Herring and Pennsylvania State Representative, Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-108), a member of the EconomicsPennsylvania Susquehanna Valley Region Board, were at the offices of the organization to accept the donation and express appreciation to the donor for the generosity and thoughtfulness represented by the gift.

In acknowledging the contribution, Rep. Culver noted and emphasized the requirement of the donor that the gift be "matched" by a two for one ratio. "In other words," she said, "EconomicsPennsylvania will receive $1 for each additional $2 generated by the organization which ultimately results in achieving an overall dollar goal of $300,000. This is an enormously exciting opportunity and one that will significantly assist us in our ongoing educational outreach endeavors to Pennsylvania teachers and students" Culver commented. "In my opinion," she said, "this special gift underscores the importance our friends and supporters share for the core values of EconomicsPennsylvania which include respect for the highest standards of academic excellence; the basic principles of a free market economy; the proven influence of teachers to effect change in their students, the ability of young people to grasp and apply economic concepts to their every day decision making and the value and quality of our unique partnership with business, labor, education, public sector entities and private donors."

Fritz M. Heinemann, EconomicsPennsylvania president and CEO, said the organization would begin immediately to identify potential donors who will assist in the challenge campaign "and do everything possible in order to meet the dollar amount required" and achieve the overall objective. "This is an extraordinary and magnanimous contribution that once again demonstrates the depth of commitment, enthusiasm and dedication our friends share for the important work we do in partnership with Pennsylvania teachers and students" Heinemann said.

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