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May 2, 2014

Free Summer Career Exploration Camps offered at SUN Tech

— NEW BERLIN — SUN Area Technical Institute is taking registrations for free summer camps to be offered June 16-19. Robotics Camp will focus on assembling and designing a LEGO (snap together) Mindstorm NXT Robot from a kit. The kit includes sound, touch, color, and light sensors. Bluetooth technology will be used to communicate with the Battlebot. Activities will build upon the completion of a Battlebot that will compete in a Battlebot challenge the last day of camp.

Health Science & Safety Camp will focus on three programs: dental health, health professions, and criminal justice. Students will be exposed to hands-on activities in each area. In dental health you will do an examination of a mouth, learn how teeth are numbered and positioned, what teeth are made of and what x-rays show the doctor. Health professions will explore a variety of skills including infection control, growth of bacteria, sterilization, and basic nurse aide skills. Criminal justice skills will focus on crime scene skills; identifying, and developing fingerprints, creating foot and tool impressions, serology, forensic anthropology and evidence collection.

In the construction camp, the students will learn fun and useful building skills. They will learn a different skill each day.

Monday’s class is in wood working. Students will spend the day in the wood products manufacturing program. The instructor will demonstrate how to produce parts for a tile frame. Upon completion of the demonstration, and after receiving instructions on the proper use of select hand tools, the students will each assemble their own tile frame which will be used in their masonry project.

Tuesday’s class is in masonry. Students will be introduced to basic bricklaying skills as well as associated safety standards. In addition, students will complete a small tile project, which will be started in the advanced wood products session. At the conclusion of the masonry session, students will take their tile project home.

Wednesday’s class is in carpentry. Students will learn basic hand and power tool safety and read a basic blue print. Through teamwork, the students will complete a small work bench project. Each student will finish their own work bench with paint or stain.

Thursday’s class is in HVAC. Students will learn the importance of maintaining heating and air conditioning equipment for comfort and efficiency. Infra-red cameras will be used to demonstrate where heat is lost in buildings. Demonstrations will show students how to maintain equipment for efficiency and comfort such as cleaning filters etc.

Camps will be held June 16-19, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day with transportation being the responsibility of the parent. Registration forms can be printed at, or call (570) 966-1031 ext. 114 for more information.  The deadline is June 6.


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