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Going Dutch

June 25, 2014

Yo, Youse Guys Coming? - Part 2

— Until I saw Rocky, I thought “yo” was a Shamokin term. When we wanted our friends to come out and play, we stood outside their front door and bellowed, “Yo, Rose-ee!” “Yo, Ed-dee!” And if they wanted us, they did the same. When I heard, “Yo, Cin-dee” I was off for adventure. But apparently it’s also a Philadelphia term, because Rocky is famous for his “Yo, Adrian” conversations, though I don’t believe he shouted it to get her to come out and play. Must have been a modified, Philly form of yo.

People in coal regions get teased for their use of youse. Though grammatically incorrect, logically it makes sense: it is the plural of “you.” One “you,” two or more “youse.” Thus, “You coming to the pitnic?” would be directed to one person, while a family or group of people would be asked, “Youse coming?” Or, “Youse guys bringing the haluski?” Go ahead and snicker, but it’s hard to beat the warmth and liveliness of the coal regions, where people learn to work hard, but to laugh at life even harder.

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