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Going Dutch

April 16, 2014

DITTZLING the day away - Part 2

- — No matter who you’re talking about or how old they are, we all dittzle at times. Dittzling is the fine art of keeping busy when there’s really not much to do. You might be dittzling if you go out to the pasture and straighten a few fence posts that weren’t really leaning too badly in the first place. Or trim some brush off a few trees that weren’t in anyone’s way. You could rearrange your sock drawer, organize your sewing basket or go through the house fluffing pillows, straightening curtains and rearranging the china in the china closet.

This is dittzling, and it’s an admirable way to pass a slow day because it gives you the satisfying feeling of having accomplished a day’s work — something that’s valued in the Pennsylvania Dutch culture.

Dittzling becomes a problem only when there’s serious work to be done, like throwing the horse over the fence some hay. If your horse needs hay and you’re dittzling around with the fence posts, it’s going to make. In other words, there’s going to be an

argument, and someone’s going to get it.

Then you’ll be going back in a hurry, not in health but in a trip to the barn to take care of that horse. Chores first, my friend. Chores first If you want to hammer some fence posts or sort your spools of thread and extra buttons, wait till it gives a day where the chores are all caught up. That’s what dittzling is for.

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