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Going Dutch

May 28, 2014

March Winds Bring April Shar-ers - Part 2

This and that usually suffice for most people’s conversational needs, but many Pennsylvania Dutch folks like to help the words out with a here and a there. Thus, “This here snow pile on the south side of the barn will melt fast, but that there pile on the north side could last till the flar-ers start to bloom.”

And sometimes, this here and that there become so joined together that they seem to need another here and a there to show emphasis: “This here here gets a lot of sun, but that there there is in the shade all day.” Once is another word that gets a little Dutch help. It usually indicates something that occurs one time. The Pennsylvania Dutch, however, like to tuck it on at the end of a sentence, for no particular reason. And they like to add a T to it, too. For the same reason.

We still have quite a few cold, wintry days ahead of us, here inside Pennsylvania, but spring will come. We just have to wait for the March winds to lay themselves and the April sharers to give us some good rain, and then you’ll see: the flar-ers will start blooming. And this here snow will be melted into that there river. Who knows? It might even break a record for the futherest heighth the river’s ever reached. We’ll just have to wait and see, wunst.

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