The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

January 29, 2014

"Stop ruching around, Levi."

and other Pennsylvania Dutch Phrases

The Daily Item

— "They drink milk for an achey belly (stomach ache)."

"Spread me all over with apple busser (apple butter) a piece of bread."

"When he was punished, our boy brutzed (pouted) for ares (hours)."

"Their car cunked awt (conked out) on them."

"He has a big crotch (garage) for his small truck."

"He is so doppick (dumb, not too bright)."

"Erector" (as in to destroy or demolish something) "Remember his old buggy? Erector!"

"Fernhoodle" (to confuse, perplex or puzzle) "He speaks fernhoodled English that one does."

The expression, "Gookamoedoe!" means "Look at that!"

"Gruntbecky!" is an expression of difficulty. "Gruntbecky! This vell (well) is difficult to dick (dig)."

"hurrieder" (to do something faster or more quickly) "Tell them to work hurrieder. A storm’s coming."

"Make yourself up boy wunst (one time, once). You’re all strubly (generally meaning disheveled, disordered, unkempt."

"Eat yourself full" and "Drink your mouth empty" are also very commonly heard.

"It’s gonna make down wet" when rain was imminent.